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Testing this bad boy out!

This blog will serve as an accountability tool to inspire me to work and maybe...just maybe inspire someone else that stumbles across it.

So what did I get up to today?

I'm currently arranging a LAMDA (the school I just graduated from) graduate acting showcase in Atlanta. We're the first school to ever do it and I'm quite proud of that. I firmly believe in creating your own opportunities and when the school said I was allowed to organize it I knew I had to do it. New York and LA agents are inundated with showcase requests as well as actors in general. LAMDA is still obviously showcasing in those cities...but why not also showcase in a third market that's less saturated and produces even more work. Atlanta is the number one producer of films in the United States.

So today:

-I contacted three media sources and sent them our showcase press release (The Guardian, AJC, and Time Magazine)

-I contacted the Atlanta Film Society.

-I went to LAMDA and filmed an actor for a GoFundMe video raising money for the Atlanta Showcase. This will go towards renting the venue, hiring a technician, funding a little reception, etc.

-I continued work on editing the video

-I went to the gym to prepare myself physically for some body images I'll be taking September 16.

-I've activated this blog

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